Community Engaged Scholarship Institute

The Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI) fosters collaborative and mutually beneficial community-university research partnerships. CESI draws on strong traditions of community engagement and socially responsive research within the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS) at the University of Guelph.

CESI builds capacity for community-engaged scholarship by strengthening faculty and student engagement with local, national and international communities of interest, addressing faculty reward and development, and training faculty and students in knowledge mobilization.

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Defining Our Terms

  1. What is “community engagement”?
  2. How is engagement different from “outreach”?
  3. What makes an activity “scholarship”?
  4. What is “community-engaged scholarship”?
  5. How is community-engaged scholarship different than “service”?
  6. What is “evidence” and what is “documentation”?
  7. What is “community-based research”?
  8. What are the characteristics of quality community-engaged scholarship?
  9. What is “knowledge mobilization”?
  10. How can I document community-engaged scholarship in a dossier?

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Where to find us:

Directions to 17 University Ave East

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