Social Media and Technology Training and Seminars

The College for Social and Applied Human Sciences recognizes the importance of social media and technology training as part of a knowledge mobilization strategy.

Initially, social media seminars and educational opportunities listed on this page were informed by a survey conducted with CSAHS faculty and graduate students on moving knowledge to action. Since then, the social media & technology learning circles have evolved into a venue for sharing information and tools about websites and other ways to use technology to improve communication at the University of Guelph and beyond.  If you have questions or are looking for a specific workshop topic, please email I [email protected]

Upcoming Social Media & Technology Learning Circles:

Social Media & Technology Learning Circles will return in Fall 2013

Resources from Previous Sessions

Social Media Learning Circles

  • Evernote: "Remember Everything" (May 15, 2013) with Caitlin Holton, Gavan Watson, and Anne Bergen: Training materials available through an Evernote shared notebook
  • Capturing Data: Form Fillable PDFs and Online Survey Tools (April 17, 2013) with Jamie Dening and Anne Bergen: Online survey tools comparison chart and tips handout and Instructions on creating form fillable pdfs
  • Social Media Metrics (March 20, 2013) with Stephanie Butler: Presentation slides , intial questions for creating a social media strategy , and social media metrics tracking sheet template
  • Email management (January 16, 2013) with Anne Bergen: Presentation notes and Prezi presentation

  • Form-Fillable PDFs & Updating Databases (November 21, 2012) with Jamie Dening and Scott Schau: Powerpoint
  • Adobe Connect & other webinar/conferencing technology (September 26, 2012) with Jim Hoare et al.
  • The basics of Drupal (web content management system) (June 20, 2012) with Shawna Reibling: Powerpoint , 'web jobs' diagram
  • Introduction to image editing (May 16, 2012) with Shawna Reibling and Jamie Dening: Powerpoint
  • Open Access (April 18, 2012) with Jane Burpee : PDF Link to SSHRC Open Access Policy
  • Introduction to Google forms (vs. Eventbrite) (March 21, 2012) with Shawna Reibling: Powerpoint
  • Introductory discussion (February 15, 2012): List of links mentioned

Untangling Social Media: Social media for beginners with Shawna Reibling

  • Powerpoint and hand out (August 8, 2012)

Knowledge mobilization coordinator: What do you do for a living anyway? with Shawna Reibling

  • Graduate Students' Certificate presentation (February 28, 2012):P owerpoint

C ultivating a digital social presence with Shawna Reibling and Kyle Mackie

  • Focus on Graduate Students (Nov. 23, 2011): Powerpoint
  • Focus on Faculty (Dec. 1, 2011): Powerpoint
  • Focus on Staff (Feb. 2, 2012): Powerpoint

The Cultivating a digital social presence series was jointly offered by the Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship and the Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support .